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Vignette Isle - DEVLOG 1

Since I'm in between moving workshops and can't really make physical objects, I've recently found myself with a few free weekends. So I dug up one of my old UPBGE game projects…

Vignette Isle’s goal is to be a simple, relaxing pick and place game where you can build a tiny island however you choose. There is no objective, no time limit, no progression. Only create the island how you wish.

The main mechanics are all in more or less. Just some fiddling and some tooltips and the core will be there. Planned features that I want to add, more or less in the order I’ll work on them:

  1. Time of day

  2. Dynamic weather

  3. More objects to place

  4. Ambient sounds and music

  5. Screenshot system

  6. Save system? Maybe…

  7. Main menu? Maybe…

I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish all this as I can’t allot a bunch of time to work on this. But we’ll see how it goes! It’s been refreshing to get back into game design after a few years off.


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