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Tranquil Lake Cabins - Minecraft

I've recently gotten back into Minecraft.

This of course carries it's own pros and cons with it, but I digress...

One of the constructions I've been playing around with is what I'm calling the Tranquil Lake Cabins Project, which is an architectural playground with small, unique "cabins", situated around a few picturesque lakes and waterways. These cabins don't necessarily conform to the typical cabin stereotype, as they tend to be in more luxurious, contemporary, modern, and high end styles. (Boujee, as it were)

It's basically been an extra tangent to let my mind wander on some trivial creations.

It's been pretty fun working on these, and after watching some other Minecrafters on YouTube, felt like I needed to make my own to showcase some of my creations. I don't know if there will be more of these or not, as I am aware that I tend to wander with my project/design interests frequently.

So may I present the first 3 cabins on the Tranquil Lake:


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