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Survival Chess 1.1

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

It's been a long time coming, but time was finally made for an update to Survival Chess (Now that it's been out for half a year). Not a whole lot has changed on the user side of things. There is a new map to unlock, a fall themed map, and the unlock points required have been adjusted.

Survival chess with fall themed board

This update is mostly a bug fix patch. There have been a lot of really big bugs (sorry) so far, that if you did a little poking around players could massively exploit and game the score system. Turns out, some debug functionality used for testing made it into the game:

  • If you pressed the 1 key you automatically destroyed all the pieces in the room at the time, used for testing the piece spawning code. 

  • If you right clicked, it would detonate an explosion at the mouse and destroy whatever pieces were within range.

  • On Android if you double tapped, it would do the same as a right click.

So you can't do that anymore (Sorry again). (The highest debug score I've seen so far is over 1300) Now you actually have to try to rake up a huge score. Can you beat 107?

Download here


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