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DIY Carbide Lathe Turning Tool

I'm wasting no time with the new year to get my latest project build video out there!

Ever since I made the $100 lathe I've been wanting to make my own lathe tool for it. The initial plan was to make a gouge and a scraper out of steel and use them to make handles for everything, so everything would completely be a scratch build. But due to timing and how poorly my DIY scraper was working, I decided to skip straight to the carbide tool and borrowed some actual lathe tools to turn the handle.

I also ended up turning this on a Taig mini lathe because I didn't have a good way to fix it to my DIY lathe. So the lathe that builds itself really didn't happen as I planned. Oh well. I don't know how good this is for a metal machining lathe (?) because it gets sawdust EVERYWHERE, so I had to tear the whole thing apart and give it a thorough cleaning and re-oiling.

I'm also trying a snappier editing style, so I hope it translates well. (I trimmed so much it hurt!) I'm just making this all up as I go along, so I hope it's enjoyable, because I'm having a good time making these.


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