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Custom Titanium Rings

It's been a while since I've been able to create any content. I'm so freaking busy right now it's ridiculous. Watch the video and you can probably guess why.

I wasn't about to go buy a ring, and I didn't know what I even wanted if I did. I found some nice looking ones online that seemed relatively straightforward to make (I wasn't about to try and set stones or do anything too fancy), so I figured I'd give it a go.

The hardest part was drilling out the center hole. My little Taig lathe really can't apply enough constant force for the consistency needed to drill titanium, especially at large diameter. If I didn't have access to a bigger lathe I'm not sure how I would have accomplished this project. Maybe using the mill to bore it out??

Anyways, both rings wear really well. I think I might smooth the outside edges of the "sandy angles" one, as it would catch when putting my hand in my pocket. They both feel good on the hand though!

Since I've got a bunch more titanium stock, I'll probably make more. Maybe one with a sandblasted finish?


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